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Urban jungle: planting in the hotel

Indoor plants, overgrown walls and green pergolas: At the new Scandic Frankfurt Hafenpark, interior designers and plant experts have brought the greenery of the surroundings inside with great attention to detail and combined it with natural materials.  


Green furniture, walls, carpets, plants and lots of real wood: nature has prevailed in the interior design of the Scandic Frankfurt Hafenpark, located in the immediate vicinity of the European Central Bank and in the centre of the Hafenpark district.  


The location at the harbour park, which is characterised by modern architecture and many green spaces, served as a source of inspiration for the team. Together with the hotel group's unagitated Scandinavian interior design style, the greenery forms a successful feel-good symbiosis.  


Nature enters the hotel in many different forms. Houseplants, growing walls and green pergolas not only have a calming effect, but also fulfil practical purposes. They keep the air either moist or dry and provide oxygen. Artificial plants are combined with living plants throughout the hotel.  


Source: Tophotel  


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