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The new awareness at the breakfast table - a blessing and a curse at the same time

Modern breakfast awareness has brought about a significant change in the hospitality industry, both positive and negative.   

On the positive side, this development has led to a wider range of healthy options available to guests. Regional produce is experiencing a renaissance as hotels increasingly focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients to showcase the flavour and authenticity of the region. This focus on regional cuisine not only strengthens the local economy, but also allows guests to enjoy an authentic culinary experience.  


The increasing interest in vegan dishes is also a positive development. Hotels are expanding their menus to include a variety of plant-based options such as vegan spreads, tofu specialities and homemade vegan baked goods. This meets the needs of a wider range of guests more effectively, leading to increased satisfaction and a positive reputation for the hotel. 

However, there are also some negative aspects of this development. The increased demand for regional and healthy options could lead to higher costs, as the sourcing and preparation of these foods is often more costly. This could have an impact on the price of hotel accommodation and lead to a potential price increase that could deter some guests.  

In addition, the complexity of the menus due to the integration of vegan options and superfoods could lead to longer waiting times and an increased workload for kitchen staff. This could lead to shortages and increased stress levels, which could have a negative impact on service quality.  

Overall, conscious eating has both positive and negative effects on hotel breakfasts. It is important to find a balance between the needs and expectations of guests and operational challenges to ensure an optimal experience at the breakfast table. 

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