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The Steigenberger Hotel Group is a renowned German hotel chain that belongs to Deutsche Hospitality. The brand was founded in 1930 and has built up a strong presence in the hotel industry over the years.          


The Steigenberger Hotel Group was founded in 1930 by Albert Steigenberger. The first hotel, the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, was opened in Frankfurt am Main.

The Group operates hotels under various brands, including Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts, IntercityHotel, Jaz in the City and MAXX by Steigenberger. Each brand is aimed at different target groups and needs.         

In addition, the Hotel Group is not only represented in Germany, but also internationally. The hotels are located in various cities in Europe, the Middle East and Egypt. They place particular emphasis on quality, hospitality and an upscale hotel experience. The hotels offer a combination of traditional elegance and modern comfort.             


The Steigenberger offers a wide range of services, including luxurious accommodation, first-class restaurants, meeting rooms, wellness areas and more.          


They are a big part of german Hospitality, an internationally operating hotel company with an extensive portfolio of hotel brands. 


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