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Relevance pays off

Content management in the hotel business

Attracting potential guests, retaining existing guests and increasing visibility in search engines - high-quality and relevant content makes it possible.

Maike Scheurer from Online Birds knows why good content marketing is so important for hotels. Relevant content is essential for hotels in online marketing today in order to operate successful search engine optimization and achieve higher visibility.

With good content, both regular and potential guests can be addressed and motivated to make bookings.

Interesting information and suggestions that make guests dream about their upcoming stay even before they arrive also create emotional connections.

The content in online marketing can be played out in a wide variety of formats - texts, images, videos, podcasts - and should meet the individual preferences of the respective hotel target group. Images and videos are often easier for the human brain to process, which is why they are particularly suitable for conveying impressions and emotions. Hoteliers should choose the medium that best suits their establishment.

In order to address the right clientele, the content must be consistent with the hotel marketing strategy. The message and the target group to be communicated or addressed must be defined in advance. A coherent content strategy helps to create trust and credibility in the communication via website and social media. The goal should be to give potential guests a good feeling that they are making the right choice by booking the hotel. Here, hoteliers can make use of storytelling by telling the extraordinary story of their establishment, highlighting its unique selling points.

The quality and value of the content is also important: Images and videos must be high-quality and appropriate to the brand message, and texts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. In addition, consistency in the brand voice and language should be recognizable - a very individual style may be found here on the hotel side.

Inferior content, on the other hand, can have exactly the opposite effect and scare off interested visitors. The relevance of the keywords used is another indicator of the importance of content in online marketing. An optimal keyword set usually has a positive effect on the performance of the website in search engine rankings. Last but not least, content creation should be aligned with the customer journey and focus on the following three phases:

1. awareness phase

The goal is to attract guests and make them aware of the hotel. Blog articles and social media posts help showcase the hotel and its surroundings.

2. consideration phase

The goal here is to convince potential guests that the hotel is the right choice. Detailed hotel descriptions, customer reviews or virtual tours can provide the decisive impetus.

3. conversion phase

This phase is designed to encourage guests to make a final booking, for example by means of offers, call-to-action calls and uncomplicated booking options.

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Source: TopHotel


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