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Receptionist now replaced by apps ?

Many hotels now offer the option of online check-in, where guests can complete the check-in process over the internet without having to queue at reception. The exact procedure can vary depending on the hotel, but in general the process is as follows.                          

You book your room online via the hotel's official website or a booking platform. During the booking process, you can often also specify special preferences and information. After booking, you will receive a confirmation email or booking confirmation as usual, which contains all relevant information, including a link or instructions for online check-in.

Using the link provided or a special app from the hotel, you can then start the online check-in process. This may include filling in information such as name, contact details and credit card details as well as uploading identification documents.

After successfully checking in online, you will often receive a digital key card on your smartphone, which allows you to go straight to your room instead of collecting a physical key card from reception.                                 

It's important to emphasize that the level of automation and the impact on the receptionist's role can vary depending on the hotel and individual hotel policies. In many cases, online check-in is seen as an addition to the traditional reception service to provide guests with more options.      

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