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Planning & building with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword in architectural practice. On the one hand, it is a tool that can help us to improve our work processes. On the other hand, there is a danger that it will gain the upper hand in our creative processes without being controlled. When we talk about AI in architecture, we should first and foremost think of the immense potential, as it enables programmes such as Midjourney to produce a huge amount of images in a very short time. However, this depends entirely on the input that the AI receives. If you look at current AI projects, you often only find 'great' images with little depth. On the other hand, the tendency to create immersive worlds harbours a lot of potential.  

But the question is: are we even using AI correctly? We have an extremely powerful machine that can perform complex operations in milliseconds. Nevertheless, our mindset and our personal baggage of experiences, images, emotions and journeys is much more substantial than the ability to create 100 renderings in five minutes - after all, that's what architecture is all about!  

One thing is certain: AI can be an extremely valuable assistant for many aspects of planning and conceptualisation. It is like a pair of skis that we put on, but we humans decide whether to slalom or ski downhill, whether to run uphill or race downhill - not the other way round. It can give us inspiration, food for thought and new horizons. It has become an important part of our design culture - and we are in the middle of learning how best to use it.  

Source: Tophotel  


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