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Novotel launches free sleep app

To coincide with the time change last weekend, the Novotel hotel group introduced the "Calm" app, which hotel guests can use free of charge. This is intended to promote the quality of sleep of the guests.

Sleep plays a crucial role in staying physically and mentally healthy. A survey commissioned by Accor, the French parent company of Novotel, found that 86 per cent of Europeans have problems sleeping - including 45 per cent who can attribute this to general stress. The reason for this is, among other things, constant digital accessibility.

With the app, Novotel wants to bring back the joy of sleeping and encourage guests to relax and unwind. Bedtime should thus become an experience that hotel guests can look forward to. The Calm app stands for mental health, sleep, meditation and relaxation. It also provides content such as meditations or sleep music.

For travellers with small children, the two partners have launched a collection of sleep stories. One of the stories is read by Johanna Dost, a German film and theatre actress and dubbing artist. In the hotel rooms of the Executive category, there is also a sleep journal for adults, which was also developed with Calm. Small, selected exercises before going to bed are said to have a positive effect on the quality of rest. In addition, the Novotel properties rely on the comfort of the environmentally friendly "Live'N'Dream" bedding. Specially designed mattresses and flexible slatted frames are used to ensure undisturbed sleep.

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Source: TopHotel


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