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Mobile Access in the Hotel

Smartphone-based solutions are increasingly finding their way into the world of locking systems for hotels. They offer a range of additional benefits and contribute to significantly more convenient processes for guests. How to improve your guest journey with Salto Systems' mobile access solutions.

Smartphones have become the technical centre of daily life in many cases, both privately and professionally. Communication, calendar functions, contact data management and ticket centres for flights, train journeys or trade fairs are standard applications in the mobile world. For hotels, mobile solutions are available for booking, check-in and registration, the guest portfolio and for operating technical systems. It is only logical to include door opening in these digital processes. Because this is the only way to create an end-to-end digital guest journey.

With Mobile Access, you give your guests the opportunity to open doors simply by mobile phone. The access rights to the selected rooms are sent to the customers' smartphones in advance.

The digital keys, which include all local and temporal access rights, are assigned in the access management software and transmitted in encrypted form to the user's smartphone via cloud service and mobile radio. This means that access rights are assigned, changed and withdrawn in real time - and without additional infrastructure and cabling. The real-time communication allows for an immediate reaction if, for example, the smartphone has been lost, guests have cancelled their stay or extended it at short notice.

Due to the bidirectional communication between server, smartphone and door hardware, relevant system data also reach the reception and the door in real time. This includes battery status and log data, which are read out via smartphone every time the door is opened and transmitted to the management software. Conversely, up-to-date blocking lists find their way into the electronic fitting at the door, making access with blocked or deleted ident media or digital keys no longer possible. System administrators are thus informed much more quickly about the status of their doors, while at the same time security at the doors is increased.

The gain in convenience is very evident in the hotel industry, among others, where Mobile Access was first used and is now a standard requirement. One of the most important advantages is that guests no longer have to queue at reception to collect or return their room key. This saves a lot of time - especially at peak times. On top of that, guests can arrive independently of reception times.

Thanks to mobile access and digital check-in, new business models have developed in the hotel industry that completely do without a reception desk and map the entire guest journey digitally and mobile. The main drivers of this development are process optimisation and operational efficiency. Thanks to digitalisation, fewer employees are needed - an important point in times of a shortage of skilled workers in the hospitality industry.

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Source: Tophotel


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