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How to increase conversion

How can hoteliers get more conversions and direct bookings on their own hotel website? The answer: with effective user guidance in four steps.

Step 1: Place the most important information relevantly on the website.

The header area of the hotel website should create a first visual impression that grabs users' attention and emotionally conveys the hotel's special features.

The right target group approach is important: If relaxation is the vacation motif of the target group, images from the spa area work very well, while luxury hotels appeal to their guests with interior design. This is followed by a personal introductory text that communicates the USPs (unique selling points) of the hotel. This is followed by teaser links to the main areas of the website. This allows users to navigate through the site in a kind of flow. Important links here are the room and offer pages. Many websites place irrelevant content first, losing the attention of interested parties. However, the room and offer pages as well as teasers on culinary and wellness should be placed as the most important pages. Relevant content is placed at the top and decreases in relevance as you scroll to make the most important information easily accessible.

Step 2: A "sticky" booking bar allows booking at any time.

With an always visible "sticky" booking bar, interested users can make a booking at any time. Calls-to-action (CTAs) should also be placed where users are ready to click. On a room page, for example, the CTA button, in this case the booking prompt, is placed at the end of the information section or at the bottom of the page. All buttons should always be aligned with the website goal as well as the desired action. Labels like "Read more" or "Continue" should be avoided - guests want to know what's behind the click. Better: wording such as "Inquire now" or "Discover room".

Step 3: What if website visitors don't click "Book"?

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Source: TopHotel


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