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Fragrances make an impression

Where it smells good, people quickly feel at home. Accordingly, professional room scenting plays a strong role in the hotel industry. Which fragrance systems are used, how hoteliers find the right fragrance for their establishment and which criteria they should not ignore.

A pleasant vanilla scent envelops guests as soon as they enter the hotel. This is exactly what flips a switch in perception: vacation! Or to put it another way: goal achieved - from both the guest's and the hotelier's point of view.

The hotel industry was one of the first sectors to recognize the added value of professional room scenting decades ago and to take advantage of it. In the meantime, the solutions are technically more mature and simply better. Whereas in the past scent application was based on so-called warm evaporation, today cold fogging is technologically the first choice. The fragrance compositions thus remain more stable, are applied gently and microfine, and rapid aromatization of even large areas is guaranteed.

In practice, it looks something like this: With special scent streamers, room sizes between 300 and 900 square meters can be scented. The devices, which can be operated by simply plugging the power supply into the socket and screwing in the scent bottle, can be attached to the wall and, if desired, discreetly hidden behind displays, plantings or decorations. Whereby that is sometimes not at all necessary: There are meanwhile even combined video smell displays angeobten in those more than 300 smell compositions for the selection stand. On request, even hotel-specific fragrance compositions can be created. Hotel groups in particular can use this to highlight their olfactory recognition value."

An example of fragrance marketing in perfection is the perfume hotel Magna Pars in Milan, Italy, which even has its own perfume laboratory, the "LabSolue".

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