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There is hardly a greater appreciation for a guest or host in the Arab world. The traditional coffee ceremony, which has been practised for centuries, reflects hospitality and generosity, appreciation, attentiveness and conviviality in equal measure. The ceremony of carefully roasting the coffee, mortaring the beans while the first beguiling aroma rises, infusing and then roasting the cardamom, the cloves or even the saffron - all in front of the guest's eyes testify to serene composure before business takes centre stage or one simply enjoys a chat.

For us at DIANIUM COMMERCIAL, this coffee ceremony is the epitome of what we understand by a partnership-based, appreciative business relationship.

When we decide to include your hotel property in our portfolio, you and your property are our focus. We take all the time necessary to develop a tailor-made marketing concept in consultation with you and concentrate entirely on your wishes. As businessmen of the "old breed", it is important to us that both sides leave the business successfully and with a good feeling.

We make coffee day and night!


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