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Design in the hotel bathroom

The guest bathroom is one of the areas in the hotel that has changed completely in recent years. A good 15 years ago, the bathrooms were opened for the first time, effectively ending their cellular existence.

In the beginning, often with revolutionary ideas, such as the shower in the middle of the room. This was not always ideal, but the change in thinking was important because it made it possible to better connect the living space with the bathroom and finally bring daylight into the bathroom.In the meantime, the completely open bathroom no longer seems to be so popular.Many steps have been taken back here because not everything always really makes sense. After all, it is not necessarily only couples in love who live in the rooms - this should be taken into account. Sliding walls, curtains or blinds that can be incorporated into two panes of glass, or even variants that work at the touch of a button, are suitable for this purpose.

Today's open-plan bathrooms are a little more intelligent, and there have also been some visual changes. With the end of complete tiling, other materials are now appearing in the bathroom. This can be wood, which can be wonderfully integrated in combination with glass. Wall painting is also giving way to a cosier design with wallpaper. Anything goes in terms of colour, because the guest bathroom is supposed to be part of the overall design story in the hotel. If the house is located on a Baltic Sea island, for example, which could give rise to the theme of amber, a scene in orange would be ideal here. A splash of colour is always recommended.

The main factor that determines the design of the guest bathroom is, of course, the available space. In the luxury segment and in suites, there is usually more space available, so that both bathtub and shower and separate toilets can be set up. Whether shower or bathtub, one or two washbasins - when it comes to bathroom design, you have to be clear about many things in advance.

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