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Containerhotels: Plug & Sleep

Discarded overseas containers are increasingly being used to accommodate hotel guests. This is a quick, cheap and sustainable way to create accommodation that also offers comfort and style.

The first "Tin Inn" opened in Erkelenz at the beginning of May. The idea for the new hotel concept came from Ivan Mallinowski, Michael Haiser and Nico Sauerland, who regularly had problems finding overnight accommodation in rural regions and industrial conurbations.

The three men run the company Containerwerk, which refines used sea freight containers into high-quality room modules using a new, patented insulation process - whether for student dormitories, tiny houses, office buildings or even hotels. Now they are closing a discovered gap in the market themselves. 15 containers on three floors with space for 20 rooms - this is how the Tin Inn hotel projects are designed, which can be easily scaled. The modules, including prefabricated bathrooms, are equipped turnkey by Containerwerk in its own factory.

The automated production processes are highly efficient. Transport is carried out by means of standard logistics. After delivery to the construction site, the ready-to-occupy building is erected quietly in a few days using cargo cranes. The technology is housed in a container on the roof. "We can realise a hotel more than 40 percent cheaper than with conventional construction methods," says Nico Sauerland. And also much faster. In July, Tin Inn number two started in Montabaur, and number three is to follow soon at the same location. "All contracts for house four in Hückelhoven have been signed, further locations are in negotiation and conception," says the Tin Inn CEO, who reports great municipal demand. Overnight rates for single rooms start at 60 euros, double rooms at 80 euros. "We are happy about an extremely high occupancy rate and are more than satisfied so far," Nico Sauerland sums up barely two months after the premiere in Erkelenz.

Tin Inn is a hotel-as-a-service concept: The companies Tin Inn and Containerwerk are the owner, builder and architect.

Tin Inn GmbH will partly take over the operation itself or work together with local franchise partners. The operator of the location in Montabaur, for example, is Natalie Mays, who has been running the Schlemmer Hotel in the city centre as managing partner since 1996.Mays herself had the idea for a container hotel and had also already acquired the suitable property on a former barracks site."We had advanced our own plans with an architect, but got stuck on the issues of fire protection and thermal insulation.While googling, my husband discovered the company Containerwerk, which was clearly further ahead than us in the technical issues," says Mays."After contacting them, we were quickly convinced by the Tin-Inn concept."

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