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Coffee culture meets design standards

Hotel guests often associate "a good cup of coffee" with a portafilter machine and a professional who operates it. Automated processes inside the machines optimise the processes here. In this way, hoteliers can reduce operating costs and their employees gain time for customer contact.

The grinding of coffee beans, the sound of manual milk foaming, a tulip of latte art skilfully poured from the pot into the cup - the flair of Italian coffee culture is atmospheric, but also very personnel-, cost- and time-intensive.

Hoteliers who value demonstrated manual work and the sensory experience in coffee preparation cannot do without trained staff and competent baristas who operate the coffee grinders and portafilter machines. Nevertheless, automation helps to relieve staff and avoid sources of error in the work processes, according to the manufacturer Melitta Professional.

In order to relieve the barista of a work step, the company's portafilter series, for example, has a special automatic pressing system. This is intended to relieve employees of the "tamping" process and at the same time guarantee an even result.

Supplier Schaerer is also moving towards automation with the "Schaerer Barista" model. Two integrated grinders for each brewing unit grind the beans and thus an automatically calculated amount of coffee directly into the portafilter. The powder is then pressed on with the correct pressure. In addition, the machine monitors the brewing time and thus adjusts the amount and degree of grinding during the course of the day. Only the insertion, removal and emptying of the container must be done by hand.

In addition, the design and its effect are increasingly coming into focus with the portafilter machines. The machines not only give hotel guests a better feeling for coffee quality, but also blend into the ambience in an appealing way. According to the manufacturer La Cimbali, portafilter machines fit in well with the interior of hotel lounges that are also frequented by external guests, or with design hotels that always place the highest value on their interior design.

At the same time, the Corona pandemic has not reduced the quality requirements for coffee preparation in the hotel industry - on the contrary: according to Christian Schmitt, Country Manager of Melitta Professional, coffee enjoyment in the hotel continues to be an important indicator of guest satisfaction. Accordingly, for hotel guests today, "a good cup of coffee" is clearly part of the standard during their stay. This is also the reason why more and more lounge bars want to offer a customer experience that is also reflected in the coffee cup, emphasises Paola Zagni, Global Key Account Manager at the Italian Gruppo Cimbali. A special atmosphere when drinking coffee can still be created most intensively with an authentic portafilter machine.

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Source: Tophotel


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