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Boutique hotels

The famous boutique hotels are small, stylish and often luxurious hotels that offer personalised services and a unique atmosphere. These hotels are characterised by their intimate setting, individual design and attention to detail. Unlike large hotel chains, boutique hotels focus on creating a more personalised and immersive experience for guests.  

Each boutique hotel is designed to have its own character and charm. They often showcase local culture, history or a particular theme that sets them apart from hotel chains.  

There is an emphasis on personalised service and taking guests' needs into account. Staff often strive to provide an individualised experience that caters to each guest's preferences.  

In addition, many try to connect with the local community. This can be reflected in the design, food and beverage, and partnerships with local businesses.  

Although small, charming hotels may not have the extensive amenities of large chain hotels, they often focus on offering unique and quality amenities. These may include special dining options, spa services or other special services. 

They are usually located in prime locations, such as city centres, historic districts or picturesque landscapes. The location is chosen to enhance the overall experience and allow guests to easily explore the surrounding area.  

Boutique hotels create a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness, which attracts travellers looking for a more personal and special experience. 


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