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Boho-style hotels are very popular these days because they offer a unique and relaxed atmosphere that differs from traditional and formal hotel environments.

Boho style, an abbreviation for "bohemian", is inspired by a free-spirited and creative lifestyle characterised by unconventionality and individuality.

Boho design often incorporates elements from nature. This can be reflected in the use of sustainable materials, plants and natural colour tones, which is attractive to environmentally conscious travellers. Boho style often emphasises the beauty of handmade or handpicked items. This creates an atmosphere of authenticity and originality that is appreciated by guests.

Boho style is often associated with a sense of adventure and wanderlust. Elements such as global patterns, ethnic accessories and exotic details can convey a sense of distance and discovery. The inviting, creative and relaxed atmosphere, coupled with a touch of individuality and eco-friendliness, makes this interior style very popular with travellers.

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