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Between riding stables and gourmet cuisine

At Hotel Gut Immenhof in Malente, Schleswig-Holstein, not only film fans get their money's worth, but also nature and pleasure lovers.

At Hotel Gut Immenhof in Malente, Schleswig-Holstein, not only film fans get their money's worth, but also nature and pleasure lovers. A casual country house atmosphere dominates. Millions of horse-loving women and girls still melt away today when the adventures of Grandma Jantzen, Dick and Dalli and the ponies flicker across the screen. The films made in the mid-1950s about the Immenhof pony stud are cult among female riders and have made Gut Rothensande on Kellersee in Schleswig-Holstein famous throughout Germany. Since October 2021, the filming location of the historical pony stories is now actually called Immenhof as in the film and presents itself as an upscale hotel for lovers of nature, pleasure and of course ponies and horses.

The film scene in which cousin Edelbert carries the injured pony foal Snow White through the pouring thunderstorm rain and thus wins Dick's heart, is certainly remembered by all Immenhof fans. And it goes without saying that it can occasionally get very wet in Schleswig-Holstein. But even then, the Hotel Gut Immenhof is worth a visit. This is ensured by cosy rooms and suites with high-quality furnishings, a small but fine wellness and fitness area, three restaurants with exquisite cuisine, various farm shops, the Immenhof Museum and a bar. Guests who have to cover the unroofed paths between the different parts of the building with luggage are provided with a handcart for transport. "The fact that the buildings are not connected to each other is something our hotel shares with other houses that were created from historical courtyard complexes," explains hotel director Thilo Mühl (45). "Our guests don't mind that, after all, it has a certain charm."

The target group of the renovated estate with today 50 rooms and suites as well as six holiday flats are families, nature and pleasure lovers as well as active holidaymakers.

An important part of the marketing strategy, however, is still the Immenhof films and with them ponies and horses. The smallest of these are housed

and exert a great attraction on the guests there, above all the cheeky Ratz, who particularly likes to look out of the open stable window over the farm and enjoys his

and seems to be very aware of the effect he has. The larger ponies and horses are in the new riding stable with riding arena about 300 metres away, hall, riding room and direct access to the extensive grounds around the lake. Some horse owners bring their own horses on holiday to Gut Immenhof. Some horse owners bring their own steeds on holiday to Gut Immenhof, but it is also easy to book rides and riding lessons on well-trained horses and ponies on site.

The hotel was created from the 180-hectare former Rothensande estate, which changed hands several times in its eventful history. In the early 1950s, the estate became the setting for three of the five Immenhof films (Die Mädels vom Immenhof (1955), Hochzeit auf Immenhof (1956), Ferien auf Immenhof (1957). They showed the adventures of the sisters Dick (Angelika Meissner-Voelkner), Dalli (Heidi Brühl) and Angela (Christiane König). With much love for the authentic style of Schleswig-Holstein manor houses and the use of sustainable materials, the picturesque overall complex was created from the white-painted manor house and Vogtshaus - the former caretaker's building - which stand out for their elegance, as well as the other parts of the building, which are kept in muted colours or clinkered. The Stuttgart-based interior design firm Geplan Design, which was also responsible for the transformation of the former lunging hall into the wellness and fitness area with direct access to the lake, was engaged for the interior design. The interior designers focused on a casual, contemporary country house atmosphere throughout the complex. For example, floor coverings and tiles were chosen that radiate a fine rusticity. The manor house houses twelve rooms as well as the gourmet restaurant "Rodesand", and there is also a well-equipped wine cellar and "Jantzen's Bar". This special hotel is certainly worth a visit.

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