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Awaken feelings of excitement in guests

What makes a hotel a magical place?  

The secret is to awaken feelings of elation in guests through appropriate design. And this requires certain emotional elements. What these are has changed time and again over the course of time, and the cycles are now getting shorter and shorter.  

Let's take a brief look back to explain: Grand hotels emerged at the beginning of the 19th century. These were or are modelled on castles and palaces. Their large atriums, open staircases, chandeliers, oversized doors, ballrooms, i.e. royal, sometimes even sacred elements, triggered a feeling of grandeur. 


For a long time between the 1950s and 80s, people didn't know what made an outstanding hotel. This phase was replaced by architectural and design hotels. Philippe Starck, for example, came up with striking new ideas for every hotel he designed, which aroused curiosity to get to know all the hotels he was involved in.

Take the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach. High white tulle curtains blow in the wind across the lobby, with the sea behind them, an incredibly dramatic effect. The garden: eclectic, with a collection of loungers ranging from Sylt beach chairs and hammocks to Louis XIV-style sofas, with a giant chess set in between.   

In the Hudson Hotel New York, a real tree trunk was the "main sofa" in the bar. The elation that was awakened here, "bravura". Perceptual games play a central role here. At The Royalton Hotel New York, guests walked across an elevated "catwalk" in the lobby and couldn't help but make a grand entrance. 

The next step was budget design hotels, which made design affordable for a wider audience. The 25hours or Ruby hotels are excellent examples. In Vienna, 25hours uses storytelling around the theme of the circus to put a smile on guests' faces. That is the elation of "Joy". At Ruby Lissi in Vienna, a wide variety of lamps hang above the bar, not specially designed for this place, but collected together. There is no pool, no concierge, no 24-hour room service, the rooms are square, practical, good, and yet the design is sensual.  


Source: Tophotel 

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