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Airplane becomes a place to sleep - Bali airplane villa

Perched on a cliff in the south of Bali, a white airplane towers over the landscape of the Indonesian island. You can now spend the night in the old wreckage, which was last considered a tourist attraction. The new Private Jet Villa.

What used to be a popular tourist attraction has recently been converted into what is probably the most spectacular hideaway on the island. Felix Demin once bought the wreck, hoisted it onto a cliff, completely gutted it and extended it. His brand new private jet villa is located on a hill in Uluwatu near Nyang Nyang Beach and boasts perfect architecture and the highest level of design.

In addition to the villa, a lobby with a helipad was built on the roof, reminiscent of a mini airport. A special project close to the owner's heart. Light colours were generally used for the project. The interior elements come from all over the world, and some were specially made for the Private Jet Villa.


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