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Additional business | Mini-Markets keep sales in the hotel

Staff-free store solutions for the hotel industry are on the rise. Wanzl Hotel Service is a newcomer in this sector, while Wundermart from Amsterdam is an established player. Hotel+Technik took a closer look at the concepts of the two providers.

Beverage and snack vending machines have long been standard in many budget hotels. But now a new generation of stores is conquering hotel lobbies: mini-markets that offer more than just peanuts, gummy bears, beer and soft drinks.

The latest provider of store solutions for hotels to enter the market is Wanzl Hotel Service, previously better known as a housekeeping service provider. However, as the hotel industry increasingly has to deal with issues such as staff shortages and space optimization, it was obvious to now also develop modular mini-market concepts for the lobby or other suitable hotel spaces such as foyers, mezzanines or disused meeting rooms, the company says.

"This allows hotels to meet the needs of their guests at any time of the day or night," emphasizes Franziska Hänle, Senior Director Hotel Service at Wanzl, listing offers for additional sales potential: "Whether snacks, drugstore items, or the hotel's own souvenirs and merchandise - the individual mini-markets offer space for many things."

Market design can be individualized

It would also be possible not only to set up sales areas, but also to offer services and equipment for long-term guests: "For example, a laundry niche, a self-cooking zone with a microwave or a coffee machine," says Hänle. "What's more, the mini-markets can, if desired, be operated autonomously, i.e. without staff, with the help of a self-checkout." If this option is used, it also accelerates the amortization of investment costs.

What's more, with Wanzl's store solutions, hotels can not only customize the product selection, but also the design of the store, or have it customized. More than 60 expert planners and interior designers from the Wanzl team are on hand to work out the design and equipment - from shelving system, backshop, coffee station to refrigeration - according to the hotel's wishes.

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Source: Top Hotel

Image: Wanzl


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