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This index is intended to measure the retention of skilled workers in hotels

What about the loyalty and churn tendency of employees? The hotel loyalty index "HoLoy" is intended to help hoteliers determine this.

With the help of "HoLoy", managers should be able to recognise how high employee loyalty is in different areas of their own company and by which strategic means it can be optimised.

The index is based on a market research-based method: it weights the answers of the employees for their actual relevance and uses statistical calculations to show how important individual services or characteristics are, according to Repecon, who co-developed the tool. In order to be able to precisely identify future fields of action for individual establishments, the HoLoy analysis is also intended to scrutinise different work areas such as service, administration, reception and reception, housekeeping and housekeeping technology as well as kitchen. In the individual areas, employees can evaluate factors such as corporate culture, activity, cooperation in the team, pay and professional development opportunities.

In a first pilot project with 14 hotels from the cooperation "Excellent Learning Places", the analysis of the loyalty index has proven its practical suitability also in the hotel industry, as the responsible persons report. The analysis method was developed by Cogitaris Gesellschaft für Marktforschung and Repecon.

The results showed, among other things, that pay or work-life balance were not defined as the biggest problem areas in employee retention. On the other hand, it became apparent that the areas of leadership culture, corporate communication and in-house benefits can increase employee retention.

The developers state that the index will be available to every hotel on the free market for their own use from spring 2023.


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